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Burning Indonesian Flag (Aceh)

Freedom Of Speech

West Papua Independence

South Malaku Republic

Sulawesi Separatists

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Nasty Bali's Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement Indonesian FlagAre you as fed up with seeing this flag flying over Bali and with it all the hate and corruption that brings and want to tell me?

Do you want to let me know you have filed yet another criminal libel Balinese police complaint against me?

Are you fed up with all the aid money that floods into this wealthy G20 country only to get filtered off into the wallets of corrupt Indonesians so that our foreign governments can get our major foreign corporations exclusive major mining and other contracts that work against the Balinese and do nothing for us?

Are you fed up with the BS Indonesian government and authorities not just refusing to outlaw the terrorist group Jemaah Islamiah but also allegedly allowing elements of their own military to support them?

Are you fed up with putting your holiday money into the pockets of murderers?

Do you want to tip me off about something in Bali or Indonesia?

Do you want to make some sort of threat against me (best make it a good one if you want me to take it seriously though as I have had Thai gangsters round my home in Phuket after receding a telephone death threat which can be circumstantially although substantially linked to corrupt Balinese police officers and former PATA Chairman / travel agent Jack "Anjing Kurap' Daniels)? Be warned though, I will react as best I can against any and all threats.

I guarantee I will keep your identity and message 100% confidential unless you are threatening me.

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