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Nasty Bali's Mission Statement - Justice In Bali

Justice in BaliMy sole aim is to get justice in Bali; not just for me, not just for the Balinese, but for everyone. The day Bali achieves independence or Indonesia's corruption rating for the judiciary / law enforcement rises above 8.0 (that of Hong Kong in 2004) or Indonesia accedes to the first protocol on the International convention of human rights without conditions, I will remove this web site from the internet irrespective of whether I have resolved my own case against the Balinese police or not. Let me just say, I do not think Indonesia could eradicate corruption to that level without losing its republic, as I believe it is corruption that motivates the forced union of the islands that make up the archipelago and Republic of Indonesia. Without corruption, justice would flourish and I believe the provinces of Indonesia would leave the nasty republic in their droves.

I believe with a corruption rating of 8.0, the people of Bali and indeed Indonesia would be far more prosperous, not just because the money stops getting filtered off by the corrupt but also because investment and development increase dramatically as corruption diminishes; this also is a stated view of the World Bank. With law enforcement / judicial corruption brought under control, I also believe Bali would become a safe place not just for tourists but for the Balinese who suffer enormous crime levels at this time. I believe prosperity and a reduced wealth division brought about by lower corruption would also reduce the anti-western hate exhibited by much of the Islamic population of Java and Sumatra. I say this because they are simple people, who leave school on average at 11 years of age, who are not allowed courtesy of state repression to hate their own oppressors, whose lack of material possessions and hope for a better life while knowing the west is affluent and being manipulated to express their rage towards the foreigners will diminish with the corruption too.

Getting rid of corruption means getting rid of the civil and human rights abuse foreign governments turn a blind eye to in return for international influence AKA power and exclusive rights through corruption to Indonesia's massive mineral wealth. If you want your grandchildren to inherit the hate that Bush, Bali, Howard, Suharto and Yudhoyono brings, fine, do nothing. If you want to do something for them and the Balinese, help bring about political change and spend your holiday dollars with the Balinese, not the Indonesian blight and foreign dogs that feed from the same table.

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