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Bali Discovery Tours of Sanur - Rats, Mice or Anjing Kurap ("ringworm infested street dogs")?

Bali Discovery ToursBali Discovery Tours in Sanur also trade as "Bali Mice" (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions); they operate unlawfully and are probably the nastiest travel agents in Indonesia. PT Bali Discovery Tours' main director John M / Jack Daniels is much more a rat than a mouse in my honest opinion, but I'd say the later applies too. Bali Discovery Tours / Bali Mice trade unlawfully in that they commit tax and service charge fraud, plus work with unlicensed (illegal) villas while Jack "Anjing Kurap" Daniels defames legal villa operators who refuse to do business with him in his email ezine of hate and lies called the "Bali Update"; "Anjing Kurap" is a serious Indonesian insult literally meaning "Ringworm infested (street) dog" like you see left. It was one of Bali Discovery Tours' lawyers (Anggia Lubis) who "introduced" me to this insult after I refused her request for a "donation".

The more I found out about how Bali Discovery Tours operated, the more I discovered they are anti-Balinese Indonesian travel agents actually deserving of a eminently obvious paronomasia of their company name.

For details on how PT Bali Discovery Tours / Bali MICE was likely founded with unlawfully obtained money (see the report on their principle director: Jack Daniels Bali).

Bali Discovery Tours trade unlawfully and dishonorably

Bali Discovery Tours/ Bali Mice have been caught red-handed collecting tax and service charges which never made it to the Indonesian tax man and hotel staff it should have. What Bali Discovery Tours do is offer their customers (tourists and businesspeople coming to meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions in Bali, the later normally at the Bali International Conference Center) hotel and villa rates including 21% tax and service charges. However, I have documented evidence (emails from Bali Discovery Tours) that show they do not pass the service charge to hotels / villas, so the poor / underpaid (US$50 a month) staff at those places do not get the money they are legally entitled to; Bali Discovery Tours pockets the money as profit. I also have documented proof that not all of the tax Bali Discovery Tours collect goes it should to the tax man; that's right, the Bali Mice are tax fraud criminals. Of course tax revenues go to pay for hospitals, roads, schools, etc. and if you should ever see the state of of Bali's schools and public hospitals I have no doubt you will call Jack Daniels and company "Anjing Kurap" as well. How come Bali Discovery Tours have not been prosecuted in Indonesia for their crimes? Because Indonesia is one of if not the most corrupt countries in the world regarding law enforcement (source: Transparency International) and Jack Daniels has a documented history of working with (colluding, paying bribes, etc.) with the bent police of Bali.

I am a director of a travel company registered in England. Once a customer of ours complained to me that she had found a lower room rate for a hotel in Bali she had booked via my company and then found a lower rate on Bali Discovery Tours' web site. I contacted the hotel involved who informed me the rate Bali Discovery showed was neither authorized nor sustainable (the hotel would not accept it); Bali Discovery Tours were then forced to remove the rate by the hotel. Unfortunately Indonesian travel agents have a bad reputation for "bait and switch"; offering popular hotels' room at rates they can not honour in order to get enquiries, credit card information (a commitment) and then to offer an alternative. When I next travelled to Bali I was unlawfully detained by the police and had my British passport unlawfully seized; The British Embassy in Jakarta confirmed their actions were unlawful and intervened to secure my and my passport's release. The police were investigating me as an alleged "spy" after an unlawful (unsigned) false and malicious complaint involving a mistranslated email of mine from English into Indonesian by Bali Discovery Tours. These Bali rats continue to file unlawful police complaints with corrupt elements of the Balinese police through collusion and bribes inciting them to act against others civil and human rights.

Bali Discovery Tours' management are totally non-Balinese, they also work with the local "Laskar" (mafia) and lie to their customers about credit card payments; they inform their customers they need to provide copies of their passports along with their credit card details for "security" purposes; that is a falsehood. The reason Bali Discovery want a copy of customer's passports is their bank is not willing to pay them on internet credit card transactions unless they also get a copy of the card holder's passport to prove Bali Discovery are not committing fraud, which is an entirely different thing. Bali Discovery Tours also lie to their customers when they inform them that all deposits taken by Bali Discovery Tours are held in an escrow bank account. Whether the term "escrow bank account" is a falsehood made by Bali Discovery Tours or their repeating a falsehood of their bank, I do not honestly know nor care. What I know and care is that Bali Discovery Tours' customers money (prepayment of the hotel bill) is not held in escrow. Escrow would require the customer to sign to agree they have received the goods or services provided by Bali Discovery Tours and are happy with them (which would mean upon check out and where the hotel does not ask them for any more money) and that their payment could then be released to Bali Discovery. As Bali Discovery get the money before the customer checks out and without their signature approval, what they offer is not escrow. I believe Bali Discovery Tours lie about this because they are not "bonded" (they do not have insurance to cover events like their own bankruptcy as many western travel agents are required to have). Therefore what Bali Discovery Tours claims is both fraudulent and unethical.

Do you say "But Bali Discovery are well respected in the industry, their director is a former chairman of PATA Bali (Bali Chapter of the Pacific Asia Travel Association)". Well if you read my page on PATA you can judge for yourself based on the facts about this American registered marketing corporation (yes, that is what PATA really and solely are) whether you agree with my personal opinion, that PATA are callous, greedy frauds.

How do you know what I tell you is truthful? Because if it were not PT Bali Discovery Tours would sue me (and not in judicially corrupt Indonesia) and they are not about to do that. How do I know they are not going to sue me? One, because what I say is the truth and it is fully legal to publish the truth when it is in the public's best interests in the European Union; God bless the EU. Two, I have tried to get Bali Discovery Tours and their nasty American CEO Jack Daniels into a US court room to face off against one another but they refused. You see, Bali Discovery Tours really are Indonesian rats and Bali mice.

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