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About Me (Mark Austin) - The Balinese / Indonesian Police's Number 1 Public Enemy

This is me, Mark Austin, or rather it is an adulterated passport picture of me created by suspected pedophile Bert Vierstra, nasty Bali Villas Real Estate fraud of Lovina. In his typically pubescent manner he called it "Pig Nose Austin, King of the Minho Valley" (our house overlooks the Minho River Valley in Portugal). Funny? Well, to the dirt expatriate community of Indonesia whose collective IQ is lower than my hat size, it is hilarious. Actually, in spite of their worst wishes, my wife and I did get a laugh out of it and sent it to family and friends. But the really nasty thing about this photo is how they got it; from the corrupt mafia police of Bali. You see the filthy, disgusting, lazy, inept, bent, mafia street dogs in uniform (Bali's police) unlawfully gave my passport scan to an aggrieved business competitor of mine (John M. Daniels of Bali Discovery Tours), who in turn has been circulating it around with other sad, demented expats in Bali, including alleged child loving Vierstra to abuse on the Internet as they wish.

Funny? OK, have a really good laugh, now understand this; When you book into your hotel next in Bali and they take a copy of your passport, they will provide it to the world's most corrupt police. So now you know the police think nothing of sharing your passport information with criminals. Your hotel in Bali also gets your credit card information. Have you even been the victim of credit card fraud (identity theft) after going to Bali? I have and now I know where the fraudsters got my card details and passport information from; the Balinese police. Now is it funny?

My above passport scan came from the Balinese police and has been circulated around the internet by the criminal expatriate community of Bali, and has been used by credit card fraudsters to take money from one of my credit card accounts. The Balinese police are the true criminals of Bali.

My name is Mark Austin, I love Bali and the Balinese. I have come to the conclusion anyone who genuinely loves Bali and has their eyes open will hate Indonesia. So if you claim to love Bali, please read my story and also what I have since learnt about Indonesia's unlawful existence and their rule of terror and crime over the Balinese.

Although what I publish here means I can not easily (safely) go back to Bali, I really do not want to all the time it is part of the hate state of Indonesia. I would rather do my bit here to try and help, yes help the Balinese rid themselves of the cancer that afflicts them; even if that means I give up my "right" to go and see Bali, my friends and family there. I owe a lot to the Balinese after all, it was because of Bali I got into the internet business generally from which I have done so well. If it were not for Bali, I would not have the wonderful family or the very high standard of living we now do. That is not a boast for the western reader of this site, but I do hope our success through hard honest work sticks in the throats of the thieves of Indonesia who would not know honesty unless they choked on it.

The thing I would like to convey to Indonesia particularly is about our main residence, or rather the area (Northern Portugal). We have a practically zero crime rate, everyone is genuinely friendly (their smiles do not turn into frowns once you look away) and people are pretty much equal here no matter how much they earn; certainly everyone has a very good life style. Unlike Indonesia, hate through jealousy simply does not exist; people here are happy for you if you do well. When I get stopped at police check points they are courteous to the extent of being warm, highly professional, understanding and never demand money like all the police I have ever had the misfortune to meet in Indonesia do routinely. Once when my wife and I went to Spain (an easy border crossing) to go shopping, we came back and there was a Spanish check point, we got stopped and we both had forgotten our passports. Because I had my EU driving license though I was allowed to drive home 15 minutes into Portugal and return with our passports. We were not fined or anything despite the fact we had technically broken the law; the police here in Spain and Portugal are civil servants you see, not thieves in uniforms despised by the entire population (except those in league with them) as they are in Indonesia. God bless the EU. I just pray for the Balinese that they one day can have this quality of life themselves.

I am British and am proud of many aspects of my native country and history including, ironically, the British police force which I believe is the finest in the world. Although these days I prefer to be thought of as a citizen of the European Union not least because of British foreign policy and the fact I believe the EU with its human rights courts, de facto cure for past conflicts and evolving system of natural fair trading counter-balances will one day be a model for the world; I did say "evolving". I "love" the EU and the effect it has had on both the economics and attitudes of its citizens. As you may gather later, I believe the EU, not the UN is the future for the world if it keeps expanding or at least as a role model to duplicate elsewhere if it stays within the confines of Europe, which I doubt and hope not. I believe the EU has managed to more than begin the journey down the road of genuine constitutional justice born from a logical and balanced market orientated union; yes there are some legacies or flaws still there, but it is getting closer. The UN by comparison for me is substantially a political dinosaur created by the US led victors of WW2, and I believe it shows. Like most American named organizations, I think the "United Nations" is more about its US political aspirational PR and "Hobson's Choice" than literal accuracy and worldwide acceptance and involvement. I believe the reason the EU is much better poised to offer a solution to the world is that the European Union is based on trade between partners with member state politics made to fit, not the political and with it commercial self interest of individual states. You can read how I believe the then US driven UN unlawfully committed the Balinese and other islanders to civil and human rights abuse here: Balinese History.

My name is Mark Austin, my wife Luh Suci is Balinese, we have two children Andrew (born August 2002) and Francheska (born October 2005).

By token of the fact I have a Balinese wife you can rightfully deduce I have a history and connections with Bali above that of the average tourist. You can read my full Bali Experiences here, but basically I started a number of Bali travel related businesses based on 3 premises; Honesty, quality and being Balinese friendly. Unfortunately in a place so corrupt as Indonesia where tourism is the country’s third largest industry and where Bali is the jewel in the crown with much of it owned by the Indonesian elite [sic] families (Suharto et all), genuine commercial honesty does not go down too well. As I basically reported things as they were, some travel businesses (hotels, etc.) did not like what I reported about them and their less than ethical practices (e.g. unlawful anti-Balinese building permits, allowing prostitutes to stay with guests, making death threats, stealing their impoverished staff’s service charges, etc.) or that I regarded and reported institutional tourism in Bali to be very poor value (e.g. how badly certain so called Luxury Bali Hotels faired value wise against, say, those in Thailand). This was all done before I found out who really owned what in Bali and done solely in the best interests of both the traveler and the Balinese. I actively promoted Bali but not the Bali the “institution” wanted me to.

After a customer of my travel company found a well known reservations company / travel agent (Bali Discovery Tours of Sanur) offering unauthorized room rates on the Internet which the hotel involved instructed them to remove after I contacted them (I had a lowest rate guarantee from them), Bali Discovery’s very nasty owner, an American called John Millard AKA Jack Daniels started making problems for me (getting the police to act unlawfully against me) through collusion / corruption. You can read about the whole nasty story here: Bali Police, but in essence, after unlawfully being detained, threatened with a firing squad and having my passport confiscated by the police, which the British Embassy confirmed as unlawful and intervened to secure my liberty, instead of capitulating to these crooks in uniform as the vast majority of people do (normally by paying unwarranted extorted bribes), I decided to stand up to and ultimately take legal action against the Balinese police and Jack Daniels.

As a result I have been the subject of several clearly documented unlawful Balinese police investigations, which abused both my civil and human rights. I have concrete evidence the Balinese police intend, as a “favour” through collusion / corruption to Jack Daniels (Bali), to unlawfully jail me and worse should I ever return to Bali. I have documented evidence that Daniels and the Balinese police work with the local Indonesia mafia “Laksar” which is tied to Suharto’s Golkar party and seemingly enjoys not just immunity but also the co-operation of the Indonesian police. The highly unlawful police “investigations” against me are generally for the same thing “Criminal Libel” (for telling the truth) and so called “Spying” (for reporting on the Internet what I saw: lazy inept police officers with their backs on the island's security); although they are unlawful, the police in Indonesia are corrupt, a law to themselves and therefore effectively above the law. In Indonesia they have a problem with the unlawful criminalization of civil cases (source: Indonesian Chamber of Commerce) and the most abused criminal code is that of “criminal libel”. In Indonesia, it is in reality illegal to say or write anything bad about anyone with more money, power or influence than you, even if what you say is true and in the public’s best interests, unless you first get that person’s permission to do so! However I was not in Indonesia when I wrote in the English language the truth about nasty Daniels and his corrupt police buddies, so it does not come under Indonesian jurisdiction and the Balinese police have admitted this but it does not stop them from acting against me of course!

Despite the fact the only investigations against me were for truthful, well-intentioned statements I have made and which investigations were unlawful and outside Indonesian jurisdiction, my name was unlawfully placed on Interpol’s automated watch registry as a suspected insurgent / terrorist, which I most definitely am not, so that the Balinese police could be informed of my movements and whereabouts outside Indonesia. I only found out about this because the police in Bali are as stupid as they are bent; they boasted about what they were doing and showed people the Interpol file on me. Clearly the Balinese police did not need Interpol to be able to check for my potential arrival into Bali / Indonesia as the Balinese authorities are able to have Indonesian immigration watch for wanted people’s names / details as foreigners arrive at airports, etc. It is therefore abundantly clear the sole purpose of my being placed on Interpol’s watch list was to be able to provide that data to Jack Daniels who clearly intends me physical harm; I believe Daniels intends to have me murdered. You can read how close I came to this at our former home in Thailand when Thai gangsters, clearly under contract with Daniels, came to our former home there and forced us to flee (read John M. Daniels, Bali).

My name has now been removed from Interpol’s data after my specialist human rights lawyer in London filed a complaint under the 1981 Data Protection Convention and an Interpol investigation is ongoing against the Balinese police authority under Interpol’s Anti-Corruption mandate which Indonesia is a signatory to. Whether realistically Interpol will do anything but ask the central police authority in Jakarta if they acted improperly is unlikely given the west's need for Indonesian terrorist intelligence. My lawyers have confirmed to me I have more than enough substantiated evidence to file a complaint against the Indonesian Government under various sections of the International Convention on Human Rights but for one small problem, the Indonesian Government has not ratified the all important "First Optional Protocol" of the most important convention which would allow individuals to file complaints with the UN appointed body. Without it, only inter-state complaints can be made via the UN i.e. one country complaining about the failure of another's failure to comply with the obligations set out in the ICHR.

This means I must file my main complaint with the Indonesian Department of Justice and Human Rights which, by all accounts, is a misnomer or perhaps contradiction in terms, run as it is by a man who compares himself favorably with Hitler (really). The process can take years or even forever as there is no requirement upon Indonesia to act within a certain time frame. All I can and will do is file it, publish it here and the world can sit and wait with me and by that process judge whether the UN conventions alone are a farce unless properly controlled or not. Although I can petition the British Government to make an "inter-state" complaint with the Indonesian authorities over any delay and / or eventual unfair rejection of what is a well documented case, given my lack of confidence of the British Government's motives in the world as a result of their foreign policies, I am somehow skeptical they will be all ears. Unfortunately the whitewash mechanism is already in place in that Indonesia has an Office of Justice and Human Rights which it can and does claim enforces the terms of the ICHR, so that foreign governments can tell their aggrieved human rights abused citizens it is an internal matter between them and the Indonesian authorities. But file my complaints I will and hope my trust in perseverance and naming and shaming one day will bring results.

If you have any doubts that the Indonesians say one thing and practice another regarding human rights, just do a search for "Munir Said Thalib", "Aceh Human Rights Abuse", "East Timor Human Rights Abuse", "West Papua Human Rights Abuse", etc. on Google. You will hopefully be amazed at the volume and also disgusted to see the obvious reason why Indonesia is allowed to get away with it; large western predominantly mineral, petroleum and defence industry corporations who make billions of dollars out of Indonesia and whose names appear in these human rights abuse claims. So I amongst thousands perhaps millions of others may have to wait until if and when Indonesia signs up to the substantial, not just PR elements of these conventions. Although I can of course virtually guarantee if that day ever comes, mine and everyone else's abuse will suddenly stop the day before and Indonesia put a condition in stipulating it will not accept retrospective claims (liability), as so many states before them have done. Certainly until the day I can hold the Balinese police accountable for their unlawful acts, I can hardly go back to Bali safely.

Of course I have other reasons than most for wanting to go to Bali, but have decided to sacrifice these in order to retain my rights to freedom of speech and of course liberty. I have been made perfectly aware both by fellow human rights abuse sufferers such as Harry Bleckert, who I have now met (he came to stay with us after getting his wife out of Indonesia) and who we now count as a family friend, the corrupt Indonesian police work unlawfully on the basis that you either capitulate to their illegal acts and extortion, or you go to a jail from hell, or you have to stay away from Indonesia. This is why the level of potential corruption and with it civil and human rights abuse against you increases in direct proportion to your connections and perceived investment in Bali. Because I fight back for my legal rights which presently I can not expect to enforce, I become one of the few known / reported victims. It is therefore my moral obligation and legal right to accurately convey to you the nasty facts of Indonesia in the hope my acts one day will secure justice not just for myself but for all Indonesian state extortion and abuse victims, especially the Balinese people I came to love. If you have any doubts that what I say and do are both accurate and legal, understand that the Indonesian government could have my web sites removed and / or arrange for me to be prosecuted within the EU if not.

Since becoming a victim of civil and human rights abuse, I naturally have found out a lot more about this subject particularly with relation to Indonesia. Since that time I have become horrified about how Indonesia was “born” out of hate thanks to the all too apparent corrupt wishes AKA foreign policies of the USA, Britain and Australia, plus just how bad corruption plus civil and human rights abuse in Indonesia is to this day. I am truly so disgusted with the role the USA and Britain played and continues to play regarding the murder and suppression of people friendly to the west, many who supported us during WW2, by people who are not. All in return for corrupt contracts for their major corporations, many of whom are very generous with political party donations. We all recognize the USA and their puppets inflicted misguided and counter-productive foreign policies on the world to quell their paranoia of post war global communism, yet many can not see this now has been replaced with fundamentalist Islamic terrorist paranoia on top of short term national self-interest which actually fuels not puts out the problem. Such is my disgust at and fear of Great Britain and its allies over Indonesia and other areas of foreign policy, I have no qualm in saying I believe Blair, Bush, Howard and their cronies should be in jail, not in public office and I would vote for anyone who says they will put them behind bars. As for Indonesian leaders, capital punishment includes the death penalty in Indonesia; I just hope it is put to good use soon.

Regarding my “Jihad”, I would like to make the point that I have nothing personally to gain except spiritual satisfaction and yes, revenge from my efforts but what I am doing costs my family and I money and happiness in the short term. People have said to me and about me “Why the hell don’t you just shut up and pay the police off if that is what it takes? You knew what Bali was like before you got into it!” Actually, like most foreigners who have become involved with Bali and become a target for extortion, etc. by the entirely corrupt authorities there, I did not know it was like this; which is partly why I tell the story I do, to let other people know so they can avoid the same problems. Many people say what the likes of Daniels and the Balinese police do is the norm, somehow acceptable, an effective alternative and therefore I am somehow at fault for expecting better. But what the likes of Daniels and the Balinese police do is unlawful, so how can what they do be acceptable? Why I do not shut up and pay the police off if that is what it takes is because I value liberty, because I would rather die (actually, die fighting) than ingratiate some piece of human garbage who paid to get his police uniform so he could extort money from people. When I die I do not want to look back and see my life flashing past including images of lying down and being trampled over by these scum bags. I will not allow some grinning thieving monkey in uniform to exercise unlawful power over me because some other piece of human garbage appointed him to do this and another threw him the banana it takes to set him off. It is not just pride for for myself but because I want something much better for the Balinese who will never achieve even basic human and civil rights plus their economic and cultural aspirations unless something is done besides ignorance, complicity or capitulation.

Finally, it annoys me that the terms “corruption”, “human rights” and “civil rights” in relation to Bali, Indonesia and even elsewhere often invokes the response from westerners; “There is corruption, etc. everywhere in the world, you should live in Sydney (or wherever)”. But I guess I was just as guilty of paying the pain and suffering of others such "Don’t bother me with what I don’t want to hear" lip service in the past myself before seeing the truth. Believe me, the everyday Balinese wish they could enjoy an environment such as in Sydney (or wherever) where their human, social, civil and economic rights and aspirations are pretty much guaranteed, rather than the reverse. OK, having used Sydney in the above example, that some countries who should know better have extremely corrupt police forces by western standards, see: Victoria (Australia) Police. But having too many bent cops ready to tip off villains of a raid is wholly different to where the entire police force is so bent they are in every respect the villains.

The Balinese are not just there to provide western tourists with a subservient smiling servant fix; they are human beings like the rest of us and deserve a better future. As I will justify later; Give Bali a chance, death to the unlawful hate state of the Republic of Indonesia.

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